Beware of the website bankruptcy mills

When I decided to start my solo practice a few years ago, I felt confident that I would be successful based on the hard work and reputation for skill and honesty that I built in the region over the last 20 years. I’ve now expanded my team to include my talented (and beautiful) wife. I believe that we offer clients honest, sit-down service and dedication. Speed and efficiency sent Ray Kroc’s service numbers soaring at McDonald’s, but the law is not a drive-thru service. Lawyers are called counselors at law, because we need to sit down and take the time to get to know you, to understand your issues. That’s what we do at Dent Law Offices, Ltd.

I was in court the other day and witnessed something worth sharing. A person hired a “bankruptcy” firm off the internet based upon its flashy website. The person called that firm and spoke with a non-lawyer who gave legal advice recommending that he file a bankruptcy. The law firm used scripts for sales pitches. I could not tell from the testimony whether that person even met with an attorney prior to his court date. There were plenty of other red flags in this case, too. For instance, that firm charged twice what a local firm would charge for a simple bankruptcy, then they made him wait nine months for his case to be filed. Nine months of debt collection calls and letters. The most disturbing thing is that he only owed about $4,500 in debt. He essentially paid $2,000 to discharge $4,500. No real attorney would do any of the above.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, or just want to know your options, contact a real live attorney to get real answers. Don’t get hustled by a bankruptcy boiler room making high pressure sales pitches off scripts. Leave that to the timeshare industry.

COVID-19 Advisory

Dent Law Offices, Ltd. is committed to the well-being of our team and clients, as well as third parties. During this time we are taking extra precautions to protect everyone with whom we interact while continuing to provide excellent service. Many of our clients are health-compromised and/or elderly, so we feel the only responsible approach is to be conservative. We are limiting in-person meetings as practicable and using the following protocols:

  1. Remember that much of our business can be handled by telephone or video conference.
  2. While our team is working, some remotely, our doors remained locked to control traffic. If you arrive unannounced/ unscheduled, please understand that, even without precautions, our on-site team maybe running errands or occupied with other clients/ meetings/ phone calls. It is best to call first to assure that someone will be able to assist you on arrival.
  3. When you arrive for any appointment/ drop in, please knock. Someone will be with you as soon as possible.
  4. Please wear a mask, even if you arrive only to drop off/ pick up documents.
  5. If you only need to drop off or pick up documents, please use our drive-thru window, located in the pass-through to our parking lot. For after hours drop-offs, a secure drop slot is located next to that window.
  6. If a discussion is necessary or you are here for an appointment, you will be taken to a private room near the entrance. You will also be required to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing.
  7. Again, we all need to do our part for the most vulnerable people requiring legal assistance at this time.”