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Elder Law

Elder Law integrates legal services, planning, counseling, education and advocacy with clients’ social and medical needs to pave a path towards living and aging with security and dignity.
Elder Law services are many-fold. Dent Law Offices, Ltd. offers:

  • Lifecare Planning- broad scale planning for your needs as you age, providing a roadmap to navigate housing, social, and financial systems.
  • Nursing Home Planning- a more focused approach to analyzing and developing plans for the financial impact of long term care and the needs of clients’ spouses and families.
  • Special Needs Planning- planning for the future of clients’ loved ones with special needs using a team approach to provide financial and social security and personal well-being.

Estate & Trust Planning

Whether 18 or 100, everyone needs a plan. At 18, when your parents are no longer legally responsible for your decisions, you need at least Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Property. As our lives change and grow, we need additional planning through wills or trusts.

Deciding what plan is right for you involves answering many questions you’ve probable never even thought of. Developing a plan that will actually work for you should be done with the assistance of a skilled attorney. Dent Law Offices is here to help.

Bankruptcy & Creditor's Rights

Dent Law Offices, Ltd. provides an array of services for those seeking bankruptcy and insolvency assistance.  Roy Dent has represented individual, businesses, and farmers for over 20 years in liquidations and reorganizations. Our attorneys have saved many homes, businesses, and family farms from foreclosure.  We have also represented small local businesses when they find themselves as creditors in bankruptcy cases.  Allow us to use our experience to solve your problems.

Tax Resolution

Tax problems can happen for many reasons, such as not withholding enough money from your income or not paying taxes when you take a disbursement from your retirement account. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. The IRS has 10 years to collect its debt. Illinois has 20 years. Also, taxing authorities can levy bank accounts and paychecks.
The first step? Don’t panic. In some cases, taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. In other cases, the taxing authority will agree to a repayment plan. Taxing authorities can also deem the debt uncollectible and place you in “uncollectible” status.
Dent Law Offices can analyze your tax situation and help you find the solution.

Estate & Trust Administration

For will-based estate plans, a process called probate, filed with the local court, is usually required. For trusts, a similar process, but with no court involvement (unless a disagreement occurs). The process ensures that the deceased person’s assets are accounted for, debts are properly paid and assets properly distributed, necessary tax returns are filed and any taxes due are paid, and other steps are followed to assure that both creditors’ and beneficiaries’ rights are protected. In short, everything must be done “by the book.” Failing to properly administer a will or trust can be costly even years down the road. The professionals at Dent Law Offices are here to guide you through the process during the difficult grieving period.

Our family is here for yours.

Life presents difficult challenges along the way. It is important to understand that you do not need to navigate these challenges on your own. The Dent Law Office family provides personal and professional services when you need it the most. 

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