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Roy Jackson Dent III

Retired Bankruptcy Attorney

“Under new management”

I was born in a small town called “Sierra Madre” in  California.  It is a small suburb in the sprawling place called Los Angeles.

When I was four years old,  my Dad accepted a promotion and we moved to a new town in Orange County called Mission Viejo. It was a brand new planned community with all the house looking the same and surrounded by six-foot tall block walls.  It looks like the neighborhood in ET.  Those were the good times before stranger danger and helicopter parents.  The town was partially constructed so we could explore the great outdoors.  We wandered outdoors with the understanding to be home by sunset. Now DCFS would have  a fit and those wonderful parents would be shamed on a 24 hour news cycle on Fox News. That is a shame because it taught skills such as problem solving, interpersonal communication, diplomacy, and time management. Keeping kids locked up and glued to electronic devices is not good.

Fast forward several years to high school.  I found myself dropping out of high school to support my Mom who suffered from extreme anxiety. I saw first hand the crippling effects of mental illness. So at 16 I violated child labor laws and worked every hour I could get. I made sure the mortgage payment is $114.73 made it to Bank of America each month. I learned pride in work, but I also learned to accept help when it is offered. One of my former teachers saw me at work and set up a meeting with a continuation school where I could continue to work and go back to high school on independent study. Every Friday at 8 am I would meet my new teacher, Pau Veder, at the San Juan Capistrano Mission and go over my progress. The funny thing is I graduated four months ahead of my former classmates.

Why practice bankruptcy you asked? Well, I was surrounded by it.  My county (Orange County) filed bankruptcy.  Two of my former employers, Gemco and  Broadway Stores, filed bankruptcy leaving me unemployed.   I did some research and I found the process fascinating.  When I got to laws school, I took the class and found it easy and liked it the most.  After law school, I worked at a law firm in Charleston doing primarily bankruptcy cases.  It went from being not just fascinating but a life saver to many people. 

I see people get their lives back. They come to me anxious and depressed. They dread the ringing telephone. They hate going to the mail box. Mail goes unopened because they already know what is inside. I enjoy giving people their lives. A few days after filing a case, the phone calls and the mail stop. They can answer the phone and open the mail.

I live in Effingham with my wife, Kaye, and two sons, Jack and Conrad.  My hobby is travel and I like to take the family to different places each year.  My photos can be found on the website.